7 Website Design Solutions to Improve Lead Generation


Website design that makes your business more effective: Here are 7 website design solutions to improve lead generation. (Hint: It's not just a show-stopping design.)

There are thousands of templates and website design platforms that make creating a website easier than ever for lead generation. They are extremely helpful in creating a simple and professional website for the start of a business. However, there are more factors to consider when designing a website. Your business deserves a website that qualifies your leads and is uniquely set apart from your competitors.

Construct a human centered website design

What does it mean to have a human centered website design? Identifying and then executing a website that is primary function is to solve the users goals.

First, we have to identify the users, their goals, the use scenario, and the design features that we are interested in evaluating. Then, the next step is to actually go ahead and find out if the website design has a positive or negative impact on the user experience (UX). 

Reflect your company clearly and effectively. Make sure the user experience for your website is impactful and easy-to-navigate for your user.

  • INTERVIEW your users! See what is important to them and then create a direction that represents their needs. 
  • DESIGN a user interface (UI) kit with the navigation, buttons, and other components. This will be used throughout the website to keep consistency. 
  • Be CONSCIOUS of the website design techniques you choose so you attract your desired consumers.
  • PLAN your white space for a clean, uncluttered layout. This will utilizing high quality photos and graphics to allow your brand to shine through.

Increase your website ranking with faster load times

Did you know that website page load times can influence your search ranking?

  • Monitor your bounce rate with a metric tracker and the Chrome extension “Page Load Time” to continually improve your website and serve your consumers.
  • Make every page fast and functional because any of them could be your visitor’s first or only impression of your website.
  • Routinely review your website for any broken or slow pages so you don’t lose any clients. 
  • Review your website at search.google.com/search-console to discover which pages are running better than others. You can also contact your developer with any errors you discover.

Make your user interface simple and consistent in your website design

Part of what goes into establishing a good interface is how the different parts are connected to one another.  By allowing the user to smoothly navigate through the interaction, this defines the information architecture of the user interface.

Research shows that consumers spend no more than 3 minutes searching a website to find what they’re looking for before moving to another site.

Creating a consistent website design for how you want your consumer to view your data is important. When helping them retain the information on your website, your website navigation should be intuitive. This allows your visitors to find the answers or solutions they are looking for

website results on computer screen

Optimize for search engine and social engagement

Help your desired user find your company faster! Search engine optimization, or SEO, is triggered by when and where you use keywords throughout your website design.

  • Creating a great meta description is another way to insure your website will be first on the search without having to pay ad fees.
  • Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to share your content on a scheduled basis.
  • Social engagement helps to drive large numbers of traffic to your website and will positively impact your search rankings.

Create captivating website content

Keep your content in your website design updated with relevant content for your users. Create a voice your visitors can relate to with original content so you provide a humanistic appeal to your audience.

Creating blogs and keeping your social media up-to-date are great ways to add fresh content. This will keep visitors returning and boosts your SEO strategy.

Engage users with a clear call-to-action on your website design

When you are on a first date, if all you talk about is yourself — chances are, you won’t get a second date. The same principle should be implemented for your website design.

When creating a content that ends with a call-to-action the question should always be “Why is this user on my website?” This is a pivotal question for everything you post that represents your brand.

Let the user know about the subject, why it is relative to THEM, and then create a call-to-action to engage them to move forward to the next step. 

Don’t be pushy! For example, try this tactic for joining a mailing list — instead of writing “Subscribe” for an email call-to-action, try “Follow us.” It is friendly, engaging, and still defines the action that will take place. 

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Build a responsive website design

Google algorithms put a high emphasis on websites being mobile friendly. You may find that your website is lost on mobile platforms due to the unresponsiveness.  How do you fix this issue? 

  • Explore search.google.com/search-console, clicking on mobile usability under experience to see how Google is reading your site.
  • Check your perimeters that your website design is on. If using WordPress, many of the themes that are created are responsive and easy enough to edit.
  • Still having issues? Let us know where you are having responsiveness problems, our website experts may be able to help! (Connect with us below.)


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