B2B Brand Strategy Meets Web Design

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Purposeful Brand Strategy Creates Intentional Growth

Hi! I’m Katelyn Strumolo. As founder and owner of The Molo Group, I’m committed to changing how executives see sales and marketing integration. My passion for UI/UX website design, purpose-driven messaging, and impactful brand strategy inspired me to form my own digital marketing company in 2016.

The Charlotte region has blossomed into a true manufacturing hub. Accordingly, The Molo Group has grown and evolved. Today our focus is activating sales for B2B clients in manufacturing and distribution through fractional marketing. We fill in the vital missing marketing pieces that B2Bs often miss. Our approach to solution-forward messaging, consistent web presence, and meaningful brand strategy can help you achieve success.

Strong Brand Strategy Starts Here

Leanne Cutts, CMO of HSBC Bank, says, “Successful brands need to be true to their DNA and their original values and heritage, but also to be fresh for what audiences and customers need today.”

It’s so true! A strong brand strategy should help your company achieve specific goals over the long term. Understanding where you came from and what drives you now is essential. So is communicating the value of the solutions you offer. The final step is bringing these things together into a unified story that resonates and drives engagement with your target audience. The Molo Group specializes in guiding B2Bs through this process.

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Consistency is the Key to Website Design and Brand Marketing

A recent study from LucidPress found that companies with consistent branding can see revenue increases of up to 33%. The Molo Group will help you integrate your brand strategy through your SEO-friendly website, social media, and advertising campaigns. It’s the best way to strengthen your brand’s credibility. Indeed, you see this brand marketing consistency every day from global companies like Nike and McDonald’s. We can scale it to work for your business, too!

Build Momentum and Change the Game

Our triple-threat flywheel approach activates your brand strategy for game-changing sales. First, Define your customers’ motivations, drives, problems, and goals. Lead with empathy to understand what keeps them up at night. Craft a message that speaks to those challenges. Next, meet those customers where they are — Google, LinkedIn, social media, trade shows, and more — and Attract them to your solution. Then, carry those qualified leads through to the end of the sales journey when you Integrate your message with your CRM and sales team.

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Fractional Marketing: Small Moves, Big Impact

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Does marketing feel like throwing darts on the off chance that something will hit? The Molo Group is the local fractional marketing agency that takes the time to understand your industry-specific needs. Let us focus on the details that make the difference in growing your business through digital marketing. Whether you need expertise in branding, copywriting, SEO, web development, ad management, or CRM integration, we will work with you to build a winning plan.

Ready to reframe your why?

We love partnering with our clients and seeing their passions come to life.
Table of Contents

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Industry Insights

Women Entrepreneurs and Growing Past Imposter Syndrome

We have a confession to make: Many of the women at Molo have been battling an imposter monster for as long as we can remember. Some days, it’s a mere whisper in the back of collective mind, and other days it’s a roaring voice that threatens to derail all confidence. Turns out we’re not alone in this fight.

An arrow hitting the center of a target
Industry Insights

The Power of Building Your StoryBrand

We will never stop preaching the importance of leading with empathy and centering your marketing strategy around solving your customers’ problems. At Molo, we’re big believers in the power of B2B storytelling, and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework is one of the most effective ways to build your compelling, human-centric story.

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Industry Insights

Harness the Marketing Power of AI and ChatGPT

Let’s be honest. As marketers, the idea of ChatGPT and other AI technologies scared us a little bit. But once we got over our fear we realized that ChatGPT and Open AI could actually be our new best friend (and yours). We’ve been locked into doing online searches the same way for over twenty years. So why not stay ahead of the game and embrace this revolutionary change? We’re blown away by the possibilities.

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