B2B Lead Generation: Attract, Nurture, Convert

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Speak to Your Ideal Customer with Targeted Fractional Marketing

You have an amazing product or service to offer. It’s something a lot of other businesses need. So why aren’t customers beating down your door? It might have something to do with your B2B lead generation strategy. That’s where fractional marketing comes in. Outsourcing pieces of your marketing needs to specialists that help brands nimbly and effectively respond to an ever-shifting market at a fraction of the cost can boost your lead generation for long-term success. Let’s explore the basics of B2B lead generation, a human-centered approach to messaging, and the benefits of working with a fractional marketing team.

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Why is B2B Lead Generation Important?

Simply put, when you don’t have leads you won’t have any new business. In addition to letting potential customers know you exist, lead generation builds credibility, trust, and increased interest through visibility. And, when targeted correctly, it attracts a specific group of people. While this might sound like a process specific to B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing, business-to-business (B2B) lead generation is just as important. Indeed, attracting the right people at the right time can mean a steady stream of qualified leads that quickly become loyal customers.

B2B lead generation is all about putting people first

B2Bs Are People, Too

The term “business to business” doesn’t sound very personal. Certainly “B2B lead generation” sounds even less personal. That’s probably why it’s easy to forget that businesses are run by real people. They are people who need solid solutions to their urgent business-related problems. We can’t stress this enough — B2Bs are people, too! Lead generation can be personalized! 

First, it’s vital to frame your product or service as the solution to your human customer’s problem. Your brand must show a deep understanding of what keeps your potential customers up at night. Further, it must show that what you can offer will soothe their pain points. An empathetic, solution-forward approach builds trust from the start. Once you’ve attracted your qualified leads with authentic messaging, nurture those relationships and carry them through to conversion.

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The Benefits of Fractional Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

A fractional marketing approach to B2B lead generation allows you to focus on your most pressing needs. In fact, a thoughtful strategy for success means you can attract, nurture, and convert your qualified leads with less effort. Fractional marketing drives results for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, it prevents time-wasting random acts of marketing. Instead of trying out different marketing tactics without a strategy in mind, hone in on the areas that can make the most impact. Additionally, your fractional marketing team brings a wealth of marketing experience combined with expertise in your industry to fuel your B2B lead generation.

If you’re feeling lost in lead generation, ambivalent about advertising, or overwhelmed by web design, The Molo Group can help. We’re a full-service fractional marketing agency that understands the unique challenges B2Bs face. Let us help you build a strategy to boost your qualified leads and keep your business booming. Get in touch today!

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The Power of Building Your StoryBrand

We will never stop preaching the importance of leading with empathy and centering your marketing strategy around solving your customers’ problems. At Molo, we’re big believers in the power of B2B storytelling, and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework is one of the most effective ways to build your compelling, human-centric story.

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