B2B Marketing: Solving the Philosophical Problem

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Nurturing Leads with Meaning and Value

We’re back with our third and final installment of our Reframing the Message series. Today we’re focusing on another often-overlooked aspect of creating truly impactful messaging for B2B marketing: Solving the Philosophical Problem. When you complete this crucial step, you can demonstrate the larger meaning and genuine value of your product or service. Additionally, you’ll find that you can nurture your leads, offer a deeper understanding of their pain points, and provide the real solution they need.

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From Philosophical Problem to Philosophical Solution

In B2B marketing, the Philosophical Problem is simultaneously part of the story and much bigger than the story itself. It asks why a particular problem matters in the grand scheme of human existence. That may sound dramatic, but the Philosophical Problem speaks to a kind of injustice your customers might feel. When your marketing message addresses that problem, you’re reminding your audience that you understand why it’s just plain wrong for them to deal with that issue in the first place.  

The Philosophical Problem is the macro version of the Internal and External problems we’ve previously discussed. Although the average customer may not know they’re making such a broad thought process journey, you will! For example, consider this potential car buyer’s dilemma: 

External: I need a car.
Internal: I feel cool when I embrace new technology and sustainability practices.
Philosophical: My choice of car brand ought to help save the environment.

Tesla’s promise of “Accelerating Sustainable Transport” addresses and provides solutions for all three problems.

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The Promise of B2B Marketing

Our old friend Donald Miller asks, “Can your products be positioned as tools your customers can use to fight back against something that ought not to be?”

Yes, they can! Instead of ignoring the problems your B2B customers face, demonstrate that you understand and can help solve them. Your brand’s promise — the foundational value you commit to delivering with your products every time — lets your customers know you have the solution to right their wrongs. 

A strong, consistent brand promise is just as vital in B2B marketing as in B2C. If your messaging continually reinforces your brand promise, it will inherently address your customers’ Internal, External, and Philosophical Problems. It will build trust at the same time. And the results speak for themselves!

Successful B2B marketing takes you where your customers seek solutions

Take Action to Generate Leads

Now, you may wonder how to build a brand promise that provides the philosophical solution your potential customers need. It starts with constructing a user persona. A user persona is a fictional character created to represent the type of person who might use your product or service. You may generate more than one character, especially if you know that middle management and high-level executives commonly need your solution. 

Next, identify the problems they face, the solutions they want, and the promises they need to hear. Use your industry expertise to track where they look for their solutions. Meet them there with a value-driven optimized messaging framework, targeted ads, and helpful resources. Finally, rely on your brand promise to carry your qualified leads through to purchase.

At The Molo Group, we specialize in guiding our clients through every step of the B2B marketing process. From defining your customers’ Internal, External, and Philosophical problems and building user personas to defining your brand and integrating your marketing strategy across all channels, we’re with you. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help boost your digital marketing presence.

We’ve got more great resources on the way soon! Stay tuned for a deep dive into how B2B marketing can help you maintain trust and credibility while navigating the “new normal” of supply chain disruptions in manufacturing and distribution.

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