B2B Messaging: Solving the Internal Problem

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Pain Points and Crafted Messaging

Welcome back to our three-part series, Reframing the Message. Today we’re focusing on addressing the internal problem with your B2B messaging. You already know that your target audience has a specific external problem and that your business holds the solution they need. The really tricky part is crafting B2B messaging that speaks to the heart of how your target audience feels about that problem. It’s fairly common to miss this step in B2B marketing, but it’s one of the keys to building trust, truly understanding your customers’ pain points, and establishing long-term brand loyalty with well-crafted messaging.

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Why is B2B Messaging Hard?

Leanne Cutts, CMO of HSBC Bank, says, “Successful brands need to be true to their DNA and their original values and heritage, but also to be fresh for what audiences and customers need today.”

It’s so true! A strong brand strategy should help your company achieve specific goals over the long term. Understanding where you came from and what drives you now is essential. So is communicating the value of the solutions you offer. The final step is bringing these things together into a unified story that resonates and drives engagement with your target audience. The Molo Group specializes in guiding B2Bs through this process.

Seeing and approaching a problem with empathy is the key to B2B messaging

Strong Messaging Begins with Empathy

The strongest messaging addresses the internal problem. Showing empathy for how a challenge or need makes your customer feel goes a long way. When you can demonstrate a deep understanding of what your B2B customers face each day, you start laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship. 

Find out what keeps your customers up at night. Ask them what they need to succeed. Don’t waste their time trying to sell them something that doesn’t help solve their problem. For example, if your customer is concerned that high fuel costs may obliterate their shipping budget, show that you understand and demonstrate how your service can directly address that issue. If your customers are panicking about supply chain shortages, show them how you navigate the system to ensure they get what they need to set their minds at ease. 

Showing empathy for your customer’s pain points allows you to show industry authority at the same time. And that’s a win-win when it comes to B2B messaging.

Stay tuned for Reframing the Narrative Part 3 – The Philosophical Problem. Until then, if you’re ready to hone in on the internal problems your customers face, reach out to us. We’re prepared to help you craft powerful messaging that speaks directly to your customers’ needs and showcases the invaluable services you offer. Set up a demo today!

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An arrow hitting the center of a target
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