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At times, the healthcare industry seems completely oversaturated. With a different dentist on every street corner, it can feel difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is where the importance of a high-quality website comes into play. When a patient searches the web for a new dentist, the website will undoubtedly be the first thing they see as opposed to an actual office. While you may have the best patient care around and the most aesthetic waiting room in town, none of that matters when your website seems outdated, unimpressive, or unknown to Google. Through intentional SEO strategy and well-executed web design, we give healthcare professionals a fighting chance to stand out from the crowd. Come along with us as we showcase the recent website update we did for Bass Dentistry and learn more about how we design healthcare websites. 


Intentional Healthcare Website Design

Have you ever opened up a business’ website and found yourself immersed in the online ‘storefront’ or ‘lobby’ they had created? From the first click to each new page, businesses have a unique opportunity to greet their current and future customers. Just as each business holds unique qualities, every website design should take into consideration that specific businesses’ brand and personality. This is especially true with a healthcare website. With this in mind, we worked hard to create a unique, custom website for Bass Dentistry. Located in Gastonia, North Carolina, Bass Dentistry is patient-centered and focused on compassionate care. They treat patients of all ages and assist with a variety of dental needs. 

All of this drove our decision making as we created a truly unique website for Bass Dentistry. On the home page, we chose images that boast bright, white, confident smiles. The pictures are offset and the clean, white space symbolizes a strong, healthy smile. The images feature patients of all ages, as Bass centers around families at their office. With any business in the healthcare system, showing services is an important part of the home page. No one wants to spend time looking through the nooks and crannies of a website to find out what services are available. This is why sites use tabs for services, new patients, and more. Every part of the site focuses on the core values of Bass Dentistry.

Clean and Simple Navigation of a healthcare industry website

Clean and Simple Navigation

When patients visit the Bass Dentistry website, navigation will be clean and simple. Often, patients are seeking help with a dental issue. No patient wants to deal with a poorly designed site in a time of need. The design of the navigation helps users quickly find the exact answers they need. Rather than only focus on the computer view of the site, the design is meant to transfer well to any type of screen and size. This provides users with a consistent website that works well no matter what device they’re using. This leads to a positive and enjoyable user experience.

Integrating High Quality Imagery for a website in the healthcare industry

Integrating High-Quality Imagery

Images often give the first impression for users. Using high-quality, optimized images on the website was a top priority. We want users to feel comfortable and confident in Bass Dentistry as a contender for their dental needs. The carefully chosen images play a large role in making this happen. These images ensure that the website showcases Bass’ professionalism and expertise. In addition to the images, we include the correct titles and alt text to improve search engine optimization or SEO. Websites overlook this step at times. Alt text makes the site more user-friendly and ensures the information is given even if the picture cannot load or cannot be seen for some reason. In addition, alt text and titles help with SEO, and Google ranking, which improves the chances of patients finding your business online. Investing in quality images is a must for any website dealing with the health system.

H3: Translating User Experience to Patient Experience

Translating User Experience to Patient Experience

While user experience is a main part of digital marketing, it is especially important for healthcare companies. Bass Dentistry’s website is the first impression patients will experience in real-time. Users are likely either patients or potential patients. For that reason, a positive, simple, and enjoyable user experience navigating the website is more than making a good impression. The patient’s user experience digitally will easily speak to their experience as a patient. This is why the strategy and details behind user experience are so important. In addition to creating a streamlined and positive user experience, we created a page on the website that lets patients download their new patient forms. This enables the internal Bass Dentistry team to share and encourage new patients to fill out the forms before their initial visit to help accelerate their office visit.


As a website design and digital marketing agency, we love getting our hands dirty with all things websites, design, and SEO.

We were pleased to bring a smile to Bass Dentistry's outdated website. We had a great experience with this healthcare website design. Through clean, simple navigation, carefully chosen images, and a focus on user experience, we highlighted what makes Bass Dentistry truly unique. The overall goal was to make sure users walk away from the website feeling confident and satisfied with their choice in a dentist. Does your website need a facelift? We’ve got exactly what you need. With our expertise and passion for helping businesses thrive in the online world, we look forward to the chance to meet your digital needs. Don’t wait- reach out today and get your website ahead of the curve.

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