Brand Refresh: The “Why” Behind your Product

Brand Refresh: Implementing your Why
Identify your 'why" by focusing in on the heart behind your business

If you have been following us for any amount of time, you know we strongly believe in the importance of your “why.”

You need to identify your “why” before your web design, social media presence, etc., comes into play. After you’ve reframed your “why” and are ready to implement it throughout your brand, you may not know where to start. In this blog we’re walking you through how to implement your “why” to perform a total brand refresh. From when, how, and everything in between, you know we’ve got you covered. 

Are you ready to get the most out of your “why?”

Define your "why" by purpose over product

Purpose Over Product

It can be tempting to look at other brands or businesses you admire and try to copy their methods. After all, if it works so well for them, it should work for you too, right?

As a friend, we are here to tell you- this is not the way to advance your business. If your motivations are in the wrong place, it will show. But since you’re reading this blog, we know that your motivations are pure. You have a product or idea that you just know will benefit the world in some way.

This is why, as Simon Sinek has so famously pointed out, it’s your purpose that should come first, not your product. If you aren’t clear on the message or purpose behind your product, this is your starting point. Whether you’ve been in business for ten years and are going for a brand refresh or you’re just starting out, keeping your purpose at the forefront of your business plan will set you up for long-term success.

When others identify with your purpose, you build relationships and find your target audience, instead of trying to convince people to like your product.

Refresh your brand by implementing your "why"

When to implement your "why"

Implementing your “why” depends on where you are on your communication journey!

While you’re just starting, we recommend implementing your “why” first. However, we know some businesses are years down the road before they realize they need a brand refresh and enforce their “why” more. If this is the case for you, that’s ok! Realizing you need to identify your “why?” That’s where you will start. We suggest taking a look at our guide to reflect your “why.”

If you already have your “why” identified, this is where you will begin implementing it into all that you do, and the perfect time is now!

Apply your "why" to your brand

How to apply your "why" strategy

Your “why” should touch all that you do, from web design to digital marketing. As you begin infusing your “why” into each piece of your business, you’ll see that it brings a cohesive message to your business. This helps build relationships with your audience, extending outside your product or business and pushing to the core of who you ARE as a business.

How do you start applying this? While the communication journey isn’t always a chronological trip, it makes sense to start with your web design first. As this is typically the first encounter with a new customer, you want to make sure your “why” is clearly defined here. From images to content, every picture or word should take your audience back to what matters most to your business.

Once you’ve updated your design, you want to ensure your social media presence is reflective of your website as well. Are you using the same messaging across your social media presence? Do you make your content reachable to the audience on each specific platform?

Whether in what you post or how much you post, consistency is key, especially when it comes to applying your “why.”

Can we just make sure we say this before wrapping up… we are proud of you! 

Since you’re here, reading this blog, we know that means you’re dedicated. You’re dedicated to the purpose behind your product, your brand, the needs of your customers, and the dream you’ve worked so hard for.

Here are some reminders about where to go from here:

  • When it comes to a brand refresh, implementing your “why” is crucial.
  • Keep your purpose first. Everything else follows.
  • There’s never a “wrong” time to implement your “why.”
  • If you need help, we’re here for you!

We love supporting businesses every step of the way. From the initial branding to web design and more, nothing excites us more than brands crushing their goals and growing in their knowledge. We’d love for you to follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn! There, we share tips, tricks, and insights weekly. Need more in-depth help with your business?

Connect with us today! We’d love to join you on your journey.

Ready to reframe your why?

We love partnering with our clients and seeing their passions come to life.
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