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velocity web traffic success story

Businesses may seek out a new or refreshed website for many reasons. This may include updating branding, becoming more accessible to their audience, or starting from scratch. An updated website can breathe new life into a business and bring new website traffic. Helping businesses design a website that meets their needs is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. When Velocity Electronics, a global electronic component distributor, decided it was time for a digital facelift, we were all in! Their goals included making their site available in multiple languages, improving SEO, and gaining more qualified leads. We had a blast turning their goals into reality. For the scoop on how their website has changed their business and led to extreme growth this year, keep reading!

velocity web traffic success story SEO

Excelling in SEO

SEO is one of the most important pieces of a website that works for your business. When your site is optimized, this essentially communicates to Google that your page is worth trusting. This helps your page reach a broader audience and show up higher on search results. Since Velocity is a global company that operates in a particularly competitive field, it’s important that their site stays up to date.

For Velocity, we knew it was important to maintain and heighten their SEO through using intentional keywords, blogging on a regular basis, and updating social media consistently. Since employing these strategies, Velocity’s SEO has grown significantly. This past year, they have grown in their ranking for keywords and saw a sharp increase in the amount of organic website traffic. The optimization, in turn, has led to overall better health of their site and ultimately more qualified leads. SEO is something that needs to be updated and maintained, so Velocity has a regular schedule for blogs, social media posts, and other digital content.

As we’ve said before, showing up consistently on social media is half the battle. We make sure Velocity publishes regular posts on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. These posts contain quality content meant to serve the audience. Their LinkedIn page has seen an increase of almost 1,000 page likes this year alone. They have also experienced more engagement on their social media as a whole.

velocity web traffic success story website traffic

Website Traffic that Stays

Search engine optimization helps users find Velocity’s website during a search. However, just getting an audience to the site isn’t the end goal. It’s also important that users spend quality time on the site, that they find the answers they’re searching for, and that they eventually come back for more information. Within this, we also want users to enjoy a streamlined, efficient site that benefits them in their search and represents the brand of the company. In the last 90 days alone, Velocity experienced a 2.7% increase in the number of sessions, a 14.7% decrease in bounce rate, and a 15.5% increase in session duration. This is in spite of having holidays within that timeframe.

While Velocity operates within a complicated sector of the industry, we knew their site should be simple and easy to navigate. As a team, they value transparency, human connection, and building trusting relationships. With the content and images, we intentionally featured their core values within every aspect of their site. Not only does this help to bridge the gap between the digital world and personal connection, but it also leads to users staying connected and remaining on the site longer. The things that set Velocity apart from their competitors are the very things that users want to stick around for!

velocity web traffic success story qualified leads

More Qualified Leads

While we love for users to spend time on Velocity’s site reading blogs or learning about the company, we know the site is really doing what it’s supposed to when it brings qualified leads. To achieve this, we utilized specific CTAs. These calls to action direct users on what to do when they’re interested in partnering with Velocity. They also ensure that the audience knows exactly what Velocity offers. This helps ensure that the leads they get are a good fit for their business. One specific call to action we included on the site was the “request a quote” button on the homepage. Oftentimes, first time users know exactly where they want to go, and this call to action allows them to make a request for a quote quickly and easily. Through this simplified form, Velocity is able to connect with users and give them the information they’re looking for.

We love a good website, and it isn’t just because of all the fun we have designing them!

We have seen time and time again how all the pieces of SEO, quality content, intentional keywords and CTAs, and more add up to help a business put their best foot forward. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a business with a strong brand bring their passion to life through their digital presence. Velocity Electronics has seen tremendous growth over the last year. With their new, optimized website, hard work, and dedicated employees, they experienced their best year yet despite the many hurdles the economy saw. In addition, their website traffic increased and their name has gotten out to a broader audience. We are proud of their hard work and look forward to seeing what their commitment brings them in the future!


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