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Dagostino Pasta has mastered the art of handmade pasta, and more recently branding their business!

There are so many pasta brands out there. How does Dagostino show the world what sets their pasta apart? They needed a way to put the culture and prestige of their pasta on display through branding. They discovered that the right branding lets their product do the talking.

Dagostino pasta brand logo full color

Branding design done right

From the family who brought us Camellia Brand Beans and Gulf Coast Blenders, Dagostino Pasta follows a seamless process in their branding strategies. They started by connecting all of their hand crafted, Italian beginnings with their French Quarter roots. This helped them to create a strong branding style guide. 

The Molo Group created a hand designed letterform logo that pulled from their Italian heritage and Louisiana roots. For example, wheat is used on the edges of their logo as a visual element to symbolize the natural and preservative free values that come from their artisan pasta. The fleur de lis for their web icon ties into their New Orleans French Quarter background and is seen as a symbol of nobility. 

Dagostino pasta bag pasta packaging design

Fly-off-the-shelf Packaging Design

We redesigned their packaging to showcase their product to be sellable in the ecommerce space and at grocery stores. We wanted to help Dagostino portrays their small batch feel while growing a national presence.

With beautiful, simplistic and rustic packaging, we wanted the Dagostino Pasta’s branding to reflect the clean and classic ingredients they take pride in. 

Dagostino pasta website design

SEO and User Friendly Website

For an emerging ecommerce website for Dagostino, using the right keywords is absolutely crucial. We take pride in researching keywords in the industry and including them effortlessly into their website content. We are always changing and adapting their content to fit the latest trends.

Dagostino Pasta keeps a fluid and harmonious design throughout their website so they have an unmistakable look, purposeful in every detail.

By updating their website frequently, it moves Dagostino to the top ranks in search engines. Search engines always want to list websites that are clearly maintained, have defined branding,  and are up to date. 

Dagostino social media content

Integrated Social Media Strategies

The Molo Group partners with Dagostino to assist in social media strategy. We tediously monitor movements in their industry so we can suggest specific, tailored content ideas.

We work together to come up with the most original content that supports their branding goals and aligns with their style guide.


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