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We’ve all heard the phrase before, “quality over quantity.”  This is true when it comes to the friends you keep, the things you buy, and the chocolate you eat (any other chocolate connoisseurs out there?). This is also true for content marketing. A marketing plan without strategy and consistency is going to lack quality. And by the way, just posting when you feel like it or when inspiration suddenly strikes doesn’t count as a strategy! 
High quality-content needs to be created with a strategy in mind as well as a consistent plan that will work for you. Posting content to simply get content out there will most likely not provide the results you are looking for and the value your target audience is searching for. This results in your audience scrolling right by, or worse – viewing your content and not finding it valuable. No one wants their content to be like the chocolate that never gets picked off the shelf!
That’s why throughout this past month we have talked about the importance of high-quality, consistent content. Quality trumps quantity because it allows your brand to be more personable, it builds trust, and allows relationships to propel your business forward. Through these relationships, trust is established and your brand becomes a reliable, more authoritative source, which boosts your brand awareness and SEO. This provides your target audience with the answers and solutions they are looking for, while elevating your business.

Find Your Why

If you’re feeling anything like us, it seems you blinked at some point in June, and when you opened your eyes, it was full-on Fall time. While we aren’t complaining about #sweaterweather or a warm cup of tea next to a fire, we sure could use a few extra days between now and the end of the year. 

For many business owners, this time of year feels like a whirlwind of wrapping up projects, pitching to new clients, scheduling holiday social media posts, and planning for the next year that’s moving in like a freight train (2022?? Really?!). That’s why this month, we’ve focused on the importance of consistency. We talked about consistency when it comes to social media posts, producing quality content, creative design, and more. 

When you’re feeling burnt out, unmotivated, and flat-out exhausted, come back to this post and remember your “why.” When you discover the why behind your business, you’ve got roots that keep you grounded in the middle of the business-owner-slump (it’s a thing, trust us).

defining the new year goals

Say Hello to High-Quality

One point we covered this month was the importance of producing high-quality content. You know the old saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Well, here in marketing, we believe if you don’t have anything worth posting, don’t post anything at all.

“But, Molo Group!” you may be saying aloud to yourself. “Didn’t you just say we are supposed to show up consistently??” Why yes, yes we did. But the thing to remember is that consistency is the key and high-quality content is like the amazing welcome mat that greets your audience when they enter the digital home of your business.

Social media isn’t something you “have to do” as a business because it’s trendy. It’s actually one of the greatest tools you have in your business toolbox. Consistent, high-quality social media posts help build trust with your audience, assist with brand awareness, and positively impact your SEO! We all know SEO is gold in today’s world. 

Create. Show Up. Repeat.

Lastly, this month we also shared through our social media posts about the need for creative, clean design. We all know the best design doesn’t happen overnight. This is why we spent time this month focusing on the importance of planning and scheduling!

We recommend planning content at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This allows plenty of time for revisions and gives you or the designer on your team the space to create amazing content.

Posting without a strategy or plan means you’re risking not reaching your niche or target audience. Using a template or app, such as Later or business Facebook, to plan your content helps you consistently produce high-quality, organized content.

Start SEO strategizing, talk soon!

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