Gulf Coast Blenders: Lead Generation Website Design

Gulf Coast Blenders Showcase Feature

They take pride in the journey they lead with restaurants. They work together to create and package the perfect blends, batters, and also mixes. Their website showcases the many options available. This includes everything from traditional New Orleans flavors to mixes that save kitchens time and money. Overall, from lead generation to social media engagement, Gulf Coast Blenders has fully embraced their online presence. 

Lead Generation Process

When we first partnered with them, we integrated an online order form on their website in order to generate qualifying leads. The online order form is utilized to help restaurants quickly understand if Gulf Coast Blenders is the right fit for them. The order minimum included on the site especially helps restaurants know if their kitchen goals fit with what Gulf Coast Blenders provides.  Additionally, this streamlines the lead generation process for both Gulf Coast Blenders and potential customers, making for an all-around more organized and efficient process.

Logo Design

Secondly, part of our work with Gulf Coast Blenders included designing an updated version of their logo. This newer logo made the brand name clearer. It also incorporated fresh colors, and it now sports a cleaner look which will be more appealing to customers. A strong logo creates an important first impression. Your company logo is what communicates with customers the first and strongest. A strong logo can communicate a brand’s core values and vision. This clean, modern logo instantly resonates with customers and draws their attention. When we work with our clients, we invest time and energy into getting to know the brand inside and out. This enables their personality to shine through in every piece of visual or written content.

Product Showcase for Lead Generation

Gulf Coast Blenders offers many blend and spice flavors, products, and packaging options. This wide range of carefully and intentionally designed offerings allows restaurants of all types to find exactly what they’re looking for. As part of the strategy we implemented, we decided to make it a point to showcase their blend and mix options. Especially when restaurants are experiencing record turnover rates, helping kitchens become more efficient and cost-effective is a top priority. Additionally, once a month, we showcase one of Gulf Coast Blenders’ spices or mixes through a downloadable sales sheet. This allows their customers to understand the spices and mixes and how they can add value to their restaurant and achieve their goals. Showcasing the spices and blends available through Gulf Coast Blenders allows potential partners and customers to 

Social Media for Lead Generation

Social Media has widened the net of reach for many, with the restaurant industry seeing a large amount of activity. Gulf Coast Blenders’ mission of serving companies around the country is an important part of what they do. Presenting engaging digital content on social media platforms has given them an exciting way to grow brand awareness, digital reach and allow for more qualified lead generation. This also allows them to connect with others in the industry. From food bloggers to chefs, there’s no shortage of who they can interact with through their social channels. As part of our work with them, we plan, create, and post content for their social media platforms. This continues to significantly build their brand, widen their reach, and aid in helping customers visibly see their brand is trusted. 

Businesses around the world are using website strategies and social media to reach clients all over the world. Connecting with potential customers in all corners of the globe and increasing brand awareness for greater lead generation is now accessible to anyone who can get online. Just as we worked with Gulf Coast Blenders to showcase their products and services, we can do the same for you and your company. Ready to connect? We would love to chat with you!

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