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It’s always nice to win an award, but it’s especially gratifying when that award reflects precisely why we do what we do. This month, the Molo Group team responsible for Bass Dentistry’s visual brand identity was honored with an Indigo Award for Illustration, and we couldn’t be more proud. These annual awards are presented to designers who create exceptional projects that shine with uncommon artistry and offer a fresh new take on design-inspired composition and layout.

So why does this award mean so much? Because the strategy behind the brand identity is wholly sincere. Our aim was to communicate the heart and purpose of Bass Dentistry, and we did so in a way that gained positive attention — not only from Bass Dentistry’s patients but from our peers in the international design world. Here’s a little more about how we worked together to make dental care more delightful.

Taking the Edge Off

Dr. Diana Bass considered skipping her dental career altogether because she didn’t want patients associating fear, anxiety, and pain with her life’s work. Instead, she embraced the challenge and created a warm, welcoming dental practice for patients of all ages. Bass Dentistry’s branding needed to reflect the open, caring, reassuring environment while maintaining a knowledgeable, professional vibe. We discovered that delightful, non-clinical, yet informative illustration strikes the right balance.

Finding Delight

We strategized together in pursuit of a solution to make dentistry less fear-inducing and more delightful. As a result, our illustrator, Adri Montano, created whimsical illustrations intended to ease anxiety, spark joy, and evoke positive feelings about visiting the dentist. The soft, playful color choices are intentionally appealing to patients of all ages.

Serious Whimsy

From the first website click to the in-person office visit, the Bass Dentistry staff aim to create lasting, warm patient relationships. To reflect that, the illustrations are used throughout their social media and blogs, as well as on educational coloring sheets for elementary students. Adri’s playful designs make topics like oral cancer, periodontal disease, and routine dental care more approachable, inspiring, and entertaining.

By strategizing around the heart of Dr. Bass’s practice, we created a visual brand identity that truly represents the delightful, non-intimidating, professional care offered at Bass Dentistry. If you’re ready to express your “why” to the world, but you’re not sure how, we can help. Contact us today to discuss building your distinct, purpose-driven visual brand identity.

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