How to Create a Strong Online Presence

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The new year always brings new goals, challenges, and dreamy ideas about how we might change and grow over the next 12 months. We encourage you to consider the goals you have for your online presence. We all attain to be more present in our personal relationships. Additionally, we should aim to be personable and authentic with our online audience.
This journey begins through an intentional, well-thought-out plan. This should include your branding, website, and digital marketing. As you work towards your personal and business goals this year, you aren’t alone. We are cheering you on every step of the way!!

Find Your "Why"

Before you can develop or enhance your online presence, you must have a firm understanding of the overall “WHY” behind your business.

This involves digging deep, asking hard questions, and truly considering why you do what you do and why it matters to the world around you!

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What Sets You Apart?

After identifying your “why,” it’s time to note what sets you apart from other businesses. This is certainly a great place to start revamping your online presence. Don’t try to fit in. Instead, own what makes your business unique and, even further, showcase that to your audience! 

Whether it’s something interesting about your staff, products, location, or something else entirely, be sure to showcase how you stand out from the crowd.

Keepin' Your Online Presence Fresh

Digital marketing is never stagnant or finished. While that sounds intimidating at first, it’s quite fun! Finding new ways to keep things fresh helps your audience stay on their toes. Consequently, it keeps you tied to the pulse of your business. 

Consider producing new, high-quality photos or videos for your social media or website content.  Also being routinely optimizing blogs and other information and stay plugged in to the latest trends and insights of the online community.

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Table of Contents

Illustration of one of the many women entrepreneurs who experience imposter syndrome
Industry Insights

Women Entrepreneurs and Growing Past Imposter Syndrome

We have a confession to make: Many of the women at Molo have been battling an imposter monster for as long as we can remember. Some days, it’s a mere whisper in the back of collective mind, and other days it’s a roaring voice that threatens to derail all confidence. Turns out we’re not alone in this fight.

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Industry Insights

The Power of Building Your StoryBrand

We will never stop preaching the importance of leading with empathy and centering your marketing strategy around solving your customers’ problems. At Molo, we’re big believers in the power of B2B storytelling, and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework is one of the most effective ways to build your compelling, human-centric story.

Illustration of several computers and other technology representing ChatGPT and AI.
Industry Insights

Harness the Marketing Power of AI and ChatGPT

Let’s be honest. As marketers, the idea of ChatGPT and other AI technologies scared us a little bit. But once we got over our fear we realized that ChatGPT and Open AI could actually be our new best friend (and yours). We’ve been locked into doing online searches the same way for over twenty years. So why not stay ahead of the game and embrace this revolutionary change? We’re blown away by the possibilities.

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