5 Practices to Implement into your Social Media Marketing to Improve SEO

Social Media to Improve SEO: 5 Best Practices


Looking to improve your SEO on social media? We thought so…

Discover how to utilize social media marketing to better your search engine optimization (SEO) in our free guide below. These five practices will help improve your SEO, allowing your desired user to find your website faster and more efficiently.

Why is improving your SEO on your social media platforms important?
(We thought you'd never ask.)

Social media is another organic way to build your SEO. By having a consistently updated social media page, on any platform, search engines like Google will naturally identify your engagement as an active account. The most active and relevant information is what Google provides for its users who may be your desired customers. Check out our free guide below for more information on how social media and SEO go hand-in-hand to help your business flourish. 

Step 1

The goal is to drive traffic to your site. Not all search engines pull social media traffic into their algorithm.

SEO Step 1

Step 2

Share engaging and useful content that gets users to spend time on your site. Sharing engaging and useful content gets users not just to your site, but encourages them to stay on your site for a measurable amount of time. Time spent on your site and engaging with your content is factored into the algorithms.

SEO Step 2

Step 3

Consistency equals professional credibility. Sharing content consistently keeps users engaging with your content on a regular basis but also establishes your brand as a credible source of your subject matter to your audience and associates your brand with the keywords.

Additionally, keeping all information about your brand consistent from your site to social media ensures interested users can always find the most direct route to your brand and services.

SEO Step 3

Step 4

Share new content to social media. You certainly want users to see and engage with the content, but sharing is also an easy way to signal to web crawlers that your site has new content to be indexed.

SEO Step 4

Step 5

Use social media to test what content users engage with the most. From there, build out broader content for your site and employ keywords with what grabbed the user’s attention the most. Through social media, learn who your audience is and tailor more meaningful content for them on your site.

SEO Step 5

Check Out Your Free Guide

The Molo Group provides fast and reliable business-to-business solutions that drive results. We specialize on a global platform from web design to digital marketing and everything in-between to get businesses where they want to be. Social media marketing and SEO are just some of the many steps we take to help you plot your next move.

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