Is Your Website Optimized for the Path of Least Resistance?


While walking to an appointment, I stopped in my tracks, a broad smile emerging on my face. My eyes rolled, and then I continued on my journey. I intentionally took the dirt path versus the sidewalk laid out for me. Why? The path of least resistance. The reaction occurred because I was reminded of a graphic that I came across in the past. This expresses how we, as humans, intentionally take the more logical path versus the one that may have been “designed” for us. This reminded me of website optimization. 

Regarding website optimization, by keeping the user’s “why” and a “path of least resistance” in mind throughout the strategy, design, and implementation, you will find that the user’s journey will feel more intuitive. It will also be a positive experience, and in turn; result in more leads, sales, etc. When you only worry about making a nice-looking site…well, you may find them taking a different path (pun intended).


Analyze Your Website Optimization

Discovery is all around us! From automotive to medical to technology, we are always evolving and uncovering new paths. In the ever-changing era of technology, it is important to not only have a digital presence for your business but to ensure that your digital presence is optimized for the path of least resistance. You may be wondering how to optimize your digital presence. It ultimately looks different for every business depending on what you may have already established. Yet, everyone can start by analyzing their website optimization. Review your current logo, website, blogs, and social media presence. What are the areas that could use a refresh?

defining the new year goals

What Needs to Be Optimized on Your Website?

After your analysis, it is time to define the items that need to be optimized. Throughout the past month, we have been sharing insights on important items to focus on when looking at website optimization. Are you looking for a logo design or refresh? Do you need help gaining authoritative backlinks for your blogs? Are your images high quality and optimized with title and alt text? Lastly, are you using the most efficient and effective e-commerce platform for your business?

Implement Your Changes for Website Optimization

Once you have defined the items that need to be optimized, it’s important to strategize your plan to implement the changes. Spending time with website optimization and going over the details of your website will prove to be a great return on your investment. From the foundation of your logo to the backlinks implemented throughout your website and blogs, your users as well as Google are deciding how to know and trust your business. Optimizing your website to be attractive, intuitive, and positive will bring your users back to the path of least resistance, generating more leads.

Start SEO strategizing, talk soon!

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