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When it comes to UX vs UI design, we see parallels everywhere. Growing up in Louisiana, my favorite Thanksgiving dish was a tad different than your average turkey and gravy. My grandmother would cook a delicious squash casserole loaded to the gills with Gulf Shrimp. It had the taste of home with the fall flair that I knew would only come from her once a year.

This month, The Molo Group has been focusing on UX vs UI design; both practices focus on processes and solutions of the website or device. What does the site do, and what does it solve for the end user? What is your strategy, and how do you work through the process? I challenge you to recall that dish, the one that is set apart from the rest. And then, I ask you, why?

UX: Did you help with the cooking? Was it a symbol of your cultural heritage that stuck with you? Or maybe was it just the tradition of it? Was it regarded within the person who inspired or created the dish? Can you taste the dish just thinking about it?

UI: Did you choose this dish because of the smell? Were the colors vibrant? Was it always presented in your favorite dish?


The Power of UX vs UI Design

While it feels like the only thing we’re discovering lately is which leftover dish actually contains the turkey (looking at you, 17 random Cool Whip tubs), when we put our forks down we remember how we explored the importance of UX vs UI design.

In addition to a strong “why” and a solid brand,  UX and UI design are some of the most important factors when it comes to your online presence. From ease of use to the choice of fonts, each decision directly impacts your audience. 

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Inspiration is Everywhere

Things we loved this month – full plates, sneaking extra slices of desserts, and examples of impressive UX and UI. One example we have shared is the intentional design of the Gulf Coast Blenders site that brought the company more qualified leads.

There are impressive websites with beautiful UX and UI all around us. Are you feeling stuck with your own UX and UI? Take time to look through the examples we love and notice what sticks out to you, what inspires you, and what speaks to the heart of your business? 

Give the Experience!

Most importantly, even more important than eating the last slice of pumpkin pie, businesses owe it to themselves and their customers to provide an online experience that is enjoyable.

As we’ve said time and time again, your online presence is often the first, if not only, impression you get to make on a potential or returning customer. Be strategic, be attention-grabbing, and be prepared! This requires a lot of work on the front end when it comes to UX vs UI design, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Get your UX/UI on point, talk soon!

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