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Katelyn Strumolo

Principle Digital Marketing Director

The design process for Katelyn starts with genuine curiosity and thorough research to deliver an end product that provides clarity to both client and audience—discover, define, design.  As a thoughtful and minimalist designer, she studied User Experience at Cornell and specializes in UI/UX, branding, and web design.

Kelley Tovias

Digital Marketing Manager

Having grown up in a time where technology began and has continued to grow exponentially, Kelley has been able to pair art with technology, offering creative expression! Meshing art and technology with her passion for data analysis and research has blossomed into the creative aspect of driving companies’ vision and voice to attain greater reach and exposure.

Jess Leftault

Lead Designer

Jess had been dabbling in design for more than a decade, but took her experience to the next level in 2017 when she made design a full time endeavor. She believes great design has the power to make any company feel as important and successful as their competitors.

Travis Burch

Lead Web Designer

Travis loves to make things that look amazing, and function even better. A great website should effectively communicate your brand and be intuitive (and fun) for your visitors to use. Travis aims to build sites that just make sense so that you’re able to focus on your goals, and not spending valuable time teaching users how to navigate your website.

Sarahbella Carpenter

Lead Content Developer

As a content developer, Sarahbella looks for bringing your vision and voice to life. Whether we are working with an ad, blog, visual, or something else, the goal is for readers and viewers alike to feel connected and experience the content as intended.

Lillian McGuire

Content Developer

Lillian is a Content Developer that thrives on helping businesses compose words that portray the vision and goals they are so enthusiastic about. She strives to create tailored content that is engaging, search engine and social media friendly while putting each client’s uniqueness on display.

Brittany Barry

Graphic Designer & Animator

Brittany is a professional artist in character design, visual development, illustration, and animation. She has worked for Disney consumer products and interactive media and received a Master of Art in Illustration from SCAD and a BS in Art Management from App. State. In her spare time, you’ll find her playing the piano, singing, writing, studying French, reading and drinking tea! Cheers!

Justine Simonsen

Graphic Designer

Justine received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from East Carolina University. She has experience working in publishing on the design, branding, and marketing teams. Originally from Elon, North Carolina, Justine now lives in Oslo, Norway. In her free time you will find her outdoors, traveling, and enjoying dinner and game nights with friends.

Josh Gooch

Web Designer

As a designer and educator Josh simply has a love for visual communication in all forms. Print, digital design, music photojournalism, branding and identity design are just a few areas of expertise that offer the variety and creative expression that drives a desire to create. When it comes to design, Josh loves the process almost as much as the clients excitement for the solution he helped create.

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