Optimize or Overhaul? Big Win Website Design Strategy

Illustration representing the choice to optimize or overhaul your website design strategy

Thoughtful Website Design Strategy is the Key to Maximizing Conversions

When searching for ways to generate meaningful B2B leads, website design strategy is probably the last thing on your mind. But if your site is challenging to use and navigate for potential customers, they’ll likely give up on you quickly. So how can you strategize your website design to take the most important leads to the most critical places on your website? You usually have two options: optimize or overhaul.

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Optimize: Strategic Tweaks For Your Existing Website

A complete website overhaul can feel overwhelming — not to mention time-consuming and expensive. And it’s not always the right solution for better lead generation. Optimizing your existing website is quicker and more cost-effective, allowing you to focus on your most pressing web design strategy needs without letting go of what already works. At The Molo Group, our most frequent web design recommendations involve making strategic tweaks to existing websites. Optimize first. Small but critical strategic changes can result in substantial qualified leads and conversion wins.

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Pro Tips: Landing Pages, Keywords, and More

One of the keys to big-win website design is the landing page. A landing page is a standalone web page created for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where your potential customer “lands” when they click on a link in one of your emails, digital ads, or social media posts. Unlike your website’s homepage, landing pages have a single focus or goal. There is one call to action, concise information, and generally one option for users to choose. For example, a landing page might capture customer information or allow users to take advantage of a discount or deal. The average landing page conversion rate across industries is an impressive 9.7%. In other words, a big win for a small effort.

Additional ways to optimize your website include honing in on your keyword and SEO strategy and making your navigation bar more user-friendly. Both of these strategies will help your potential customers find you (and the information they need about your solutions) faster and more efficiently. The result? More qualified leads and a higher conversion rate.

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Complete Website Design Strategy Overhaul

If optimizing your current website isn’t working, it might be time to redesign the whole thing. Sometimes it’s best to start from scratch and focus on the UI/UX details and solution-forward information that will attract and convert your customers. We can help with that, too! While redesign takes time and effort, it’s worth it in the long run. Our team will guide you through every step, from defining your target audience to refining the look and feel of your brand and optimizing the content for maximum engagement.

Website design strategy doesn’t need to feel intimidating. Your website deserves to stand out! At The Molo Group, we specialize in ways to optimize your digital marketing presence for success now and into the future. Need help getting started on your journey? We’ve got your back! Schedule a demo with us today. We’d love to meet you and get to know your unique needs.

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Illustration of one of the many women entrepreneurs who experience imposter syndrome
Industry Insights

Women Entrepreneurs and Growing Past Imposter Syndrome

We have a confession to make: Many of the women at Molo have been battling an imposter monster for as long as we can remember. Some days, it’s a mere whisper in the back of collective mind, and other days it’s a roaring voice that threatens to derail all confidence. Turns out we’re not alone in this fight.

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Industry Insights

The Power of Building Your StoryBrand

We will never stop preaching the importance of leading with empathy and centering your marketing strategy around solving your customers’ problems. At Molo, we’re big believers in the power of B2B storytelling, and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework is one of the most effective ways to build your compelling, human-centric story.

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Industry Insights

Harness the Marketing Power of AI and ChatGPT

Let’s be honest. As marketers, the idea of ChatGPT and other AI technologies scared us a little bit. But once we got over our fear we realized that ChatGPT and Open AI could actually be our new best friend (and yours). We’ve been locked into doing online searches the same way for over twenty years. So why not stay ahead of the game and embrace this revolutionary change? We’re blown away by the possibilities.

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