SEO: The Consistent Tool That Targets Customers

SEO the Consistent tool that targets customers

When was the last time you searched the internet for something? No doubt, fairly recently. We use the internet to find trustworthy sources for the best pizza in town to pest control services.

That’s the beauty of the internet. You can almost always find what you’re looking for without getting up from your couch. Businesses realize that their online ranking has a direct effect on their growth and profits. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to improve your search engine ranking.

So, when people look for the best pizza in town, they’ll see your restaurant. But more than that, we’ll go over everything you need to know. 

What Is SEO?

Two parts make up SEO. The first part is understanding what your customers (or potential customers) search for on search engines.

The second part is formulating your web content to provide the information they’re searching for. If you can figure out the specific terms, questions, and phrases that customers search for, then you can make sure your website answers them.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO creates “organic” search results, which searchers are more likely to trust as reliable sources. “Organic” search results are results that appear in search engines without the help of paid advertisements.

That means good SEO puts your content at the top of the results list for free. When searchers see that your content is ranked highly without paid advertisement, they’re more likely to view it. Of all the searches people do, only about 2.8% of people click on advertisements. 

Good SEO makes your business more visible online for a longer period. Advertisements are only at the top of search engines so long as you’re paying for them. On the other hand, the longer your content exists, and the more people who click on it organically, the higher it will rank. 

So long as your content remains relevant, it will keep funneling traffic to your website. 

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How Do Search Engines Work?

Google describes its mission as “organizing the content of the web.” Google has also been accurately described as an “answer machine.” Search engines work to give people the most accurate and relevant results to their internet searches. 

They do this by “crawling and indexing”, which is the process of cataloging content and ranking it for how it matches a person’s search. 

When you use SEO, you’re essentially promoting search engines to provide your content as an answer to people’s searches. 

How to Optimize Web Content

If you only implement one principle of SEO, it should be that you create content that serves your customers’ needs. If you try to make your content interesting, informative, and engaging, then that’s already an SEO tactic. 

Of course, if you want your content to regularly rank highly for certain search terms, then you can use other specific tactics. 

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Technical SEO

There’s a lot you can do to your website to make it search engine optimized for your target audience. These technical factors encourage Google to rank your website higher. 

  1. Website Speed
    Google is more likely to point people toward websites that load quickly. Also, if your website takes a long time to load, people are more likely to leave the site and find another source. 

  1. Mobile Usability 
    Recently, Google has changed its ranking so that websites that operate well on mobile devices rank higher. So it’s more important now than ever to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. 
  1. Security
    Google doesn’t want to direct its users to unsecured websites. Even without SEO concerns, it’s a good idea to make the security of your site a priority. 
  1. Clean Code
    Google, and other search engines, require your code to be concise and clear to read to categorize your web content. Certain code languages are simpler for Google to translate, like HTML. But not many websites are built solely on HTML, so it’s important to make whatever language you use easy to read.

Once you have the backend of your website optimized, you can begin optimizing your content. 

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Make Good Web Content

The rules of creating quality web content also apply to optimizing your content for search engines. Some businesses hire in-house content creators and others hire outside companies to develop their content. Either way, it’s important to follow a few guidelines. 

  1. Titles and Headings
    Google uses your titles and headings as signals to determine when relevant content begins and ends.
  2. Copy That Answers a Question
    Google is an answering machine, and it’s searching for content that answers searchers’ questions. So, the more concise and informative your content is, the more likely Google is to direct people toward it. Google also wants to see images, videos, and graphs to help readers understand the content.
  3. Internal and External Linking 
    Google relies on internal linking to determine all the different pages on your site, as well as which pages are the most important. Incorporating external links to quality sources tells Google that your content is related to other authorities on the topic. Good external links can make your search engine ranking higher.
  4. Timeliness 
    Make sure to post new content regularly on your website. That way, search engines know that you’re still producing relevant information. If you haven’t posted anything in a while, Google may assume your website is not active and they will lower your SEO ranking.
  5. Use Social Media
    There’s so much you can do to boost your SEO. Outside of your website and content, utilizing social media platforms to create buzz signals to Google that your content is popular.You can use your social media accounts to generate buzz or you use another influential social media account. 

In the end, the more information you supply search engines, the more reliable you’ll be to them, and the more likely they’ll be to recommend your website to searchers. 

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