Velocity Electronics: Integrated Corporate Branding

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Velocity Electronics is an industry leader in electronic components distribution and lead the way with their integrated corporate branding.

Velocity Electronics is an electronic components distributor who desires to show their industry how progressive and beneficial partnering with them is. They found that when an organization’s culture and efficiency shines through their corporate branding, they are more recognized than ever.

Velocity Electronics: Integrated Corporate Branding

Corporate branding built on acceleration​

Velocity Electronics pride themselves on solving relevant issues for their partners. They continue to navigate a changing world, supply chain disruptions, and provide real solutions to their customers that will improve their productivity. 

Additionally, Velocity is passionate about creating a company culture that sets them apart. Their employee recognition results continues to boost morale. They were simply in need of corporate branding that fit their client’s needs and showcased their expertise. Check out how The Molo Group crafted corporate branding to allow Velocity to stand out in their industry.

Specialized user experience and web design

Velocity Electronics acts as a true partner for industries in the electronic component realm. In Velocity’s corporate branding refresh, The Molo Group found it beneficial to focus on their name, and how you cannot have velocity without acceleration. Therefore, the slogan “You can’t have acceleration without Velocity” was born. The Molo Group wanted to portray forward motion in the name and relate it to how they conduct themselves in an adaptable and forward thinking manner.

The website makes the user experience a breeze. There are multiple forms of contact and an accessible locations page. Velocity wanted to display their true, viable solutions that are available to partners that need to solve real issues in a niche industry. Their website is seamless and direct, but is a beautiful representation of their business acumen.

An experience based on their global presence

In their new corporate branding, Velocity exhibits the importance of their global presence. They have locations around the world, so they are available to assist with supply chains anywhere. Velocity really wanted to push the importance of their global adaptability, so as an extended feature they have a multi language website.

Their effort for inclusivity shines a light on how distinguished the culture at Velocity Electronics is. They are always improving and transforming their methods and thoughts to cater to an ever changing world. They needed corporate branding that reflected their custom services, so we gave them a physical representation of their incredible methods and constant ingenuity.

Progressive social media integration

The purpose of Velocity’s social media presence is to provide industry knowledge, represent their value to potential partners, highlight their amazing team of hard working, ethical employees, and show off their global presence by highlighting their locations around the world.

Having an active LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram page allows Velocity to have access to eye-catching, informative promotional material. Individuals within the company love to see fresh corporate branding coming from their organization. It makes them proud to be a Velocitorian, and attributes to a company wide morale boost.

We track movements in their industry to suggest content ideas for their niche as an electronic components distributor. We continue to work together, coming up with original content that supports their corporate branding goals.


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