Why Routine SEO Updates are Important for Your Website


Like most things in life, getting results from your website takes time and dedication. An important part of investing in your business includes committing to routinely optimizing previous blogs and pages.  SEO research is important when first writing a piece of content. However it’s equally as important to maintain your hard work by updating SEO. Ready to drive more traffic to your website and improve your online presence? Keep reading as we cover exactly why it’s important to focus on SEO updates and updating SEO backlinks, how to utilize SEO keywords, and more.

Why update your SEO after you’ve posted?

SEO not only helps your business reach a broader audience. It also helps you give your audience the answers they’re looking for. When your website is optimized, it’s more likely to show up in organic search results. This helps get the traffic you need. One of the coolest things about a blog is that the time, money, and effort you put into it can be utilized for years to come. Older blogs are more likely to have more shares and views because they’ve been around for a longer amount of time. Because of this, it’s important to keep your blogs updated. It is not always a good use of time to update every single post. Analyzing and choosing the ones that brought the best results is an important part of the process.

When should you update your SEO?

Timing when you should update old blog posts and work on SEO updates depends on the reason for updating. While you may be updating existing content that has historically performed well like we mentioned above, you also may need to update posts because the information is outdated, there is an update to the post, or something similar! In that case, you should try to update as soon as it’s needed. You don’t want your audience to see you as a leader in your industry, simply to be given information that is no longer relevant. When updating well-performing posts, the updates will give a boost to Google and you can turn this “old” content into something new!

Why should you update your backlinks?

When performing SEO updates for blogs, looking through and updating your links is a must. No one wants to click on a link that is broken or no longer relevant to the content. Not only is this irritating for you and your user, it also hurts your ranking with Google! In addition, as you check your previous backlinks, you may decide you have a piece of new content on your own site that would be better to link. This keeps the reader on your pages and exposes them to more of your original content.

Should key words be updated?

Updating keywords can be useful in reviving existing content and using it to generate more traffic and leads. It also helps keep your content as up to date as possible. As things shift, so does the search volume and keyword difficulty of the keywords you were focusing on for that post. Using current research will help you target the right keywords and replace them as needed. This also gives you an opportunity to use the experience you’ve gained since originally publishing the content in the first place.

Blogging is a basic but instrumental part of maintaining a high-quality online presence. Though there are more blogs being created than ever before, there is still an opportunity for you to get the most out of the content you already have.

By intentionally updating existing blog posts, you generate an opportunity for driving more traffic to your site and getting more qualified leads as a result. As you seek to grow your business, SEO is your friend! Need help improving your online presence or identifying the “why” behind your business? Reach out today! Our team is ready to join you on your path to your goals.

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