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By linking digital media and thoughtful planning, we create cross-channel initiatives that connect with consumers from their devices.

Looking to reach your target audience, have a user-friendly web design, connect with qualified leads through SEO, and drive a positive return on investment (ROI)? 

The Molo Group is your one-stop shop for your web design, SEO strategies, and digital marketings needs. We strive to improve your brand’s online visibility and bring qualified traffic to all of your digital platforms.

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Digital Advertising

Identify specific goals and actionable digital campaigns to promote positive brand awareness and customer experience.

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Search Engine Optimization

We know and understand how SEO directly influences whether or not a business will be discovered through search results.

Content Marketing - The Molo Group

Social Media Management

Having a strong social media presence can increase your customer engagement, brand authoritativeness, and even sales.


Strategies in Actions

“The design process should start with genuine curiosity and thorough research. This results in delivering an end product that provides clarity to both client and audience—discover, define, design.”

— Katelyn Strumolo, Owner of The Molo Group

SEO Implementation for the Win

When looking for the best website design company near me, a quick internet search is bound to provide endless options — It may even be how you found us! Knowing your desired customers' needs and goals is key to organically having your website at the coveted top 3 spots on Google.

A comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is imperative when implementing target messaging throughout your digital platforms.

First, you must understand what your target audience is searching for and what their goals are. Then comes the implementation stage; formulating your web content to provide the information they’re searching for. If you can figure out the specific terms, questions, and phrases that customers search for, you can make sure your website answers them.

Curious about how to increase your traffic and attract your ideal users? Well, we have a blog for that!

Branding a Company Culture

Branding is crucial when establishing your business as it defines your companies' story and presence in the digital space. It is an essential investment to help you stand out against your competition, create a loyal community, convert leads and grow your business.

As much as we love showing off what we do, we are continuously impressed with our clients! Velocity Electronics is a global electronic components distributor and trusted supply chain partner.

When working on their rebranding, we focused on a strategy based on being adaptive to change and how their relationships with their clients helped them achieve this. A healthy, empowering company culture is a prioritized value for their team. Branded with a 5 multi-language website to showcase their company and services to a global market.

Check out our blog highlighting the integrated corporate branding of Velocity Electronics.

Who are we?

Located near Lake Norman in Cornelius, North Carolina, our boutique digital marketing and web design agency dedicates its efforts to supporting business leaders nationwide. In other words, we work to ensure all parts of your business work seamlessly to maximize your impact on the market. 

We’re passionate about making your business grow through compelling website designs and digital marketing strategies.

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Digital Marketing Case Studies & Industry Insights

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To get the most out of your holiday marketing, take small moments to truly reflect on what’s working and what needs tweaking.

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